Job satisfaction- it is a feeling of enjoyment or fulfilment a person derives from their job or how content a person is with his or her job.We all belong to a period where having a [...]

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The Delta of discomfort and the Agony of Despair

We live in a period of rapid technological change where the society is being transformed by disruptive innovation. Every 24 hours there are approximately 4 million smartphones being sold. Imagine the way this is changing [...]

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Healing power of Music

When we listen to music we love, that certain melody resonates deep in our soul and can provide a space in time where all problems disappear.  Music, the right music to our liking, has a [...]

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From the diary of a new mum – When you suffer from Post Natal Depression!!

Experiencing pregnancy and delivering a baby is no less than bliss. Infact its total bliss!! Holding your baby for the first time gives you immense peace, happiness inside and you feel on the top of [...]

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Health and safety in schools

Health and safety in schools Health and safety is important part of every workplace but it applies to other locations including schools as well. Schools are liable for health and safety of their students whenever [...]

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Personality Disorders

Personality disorders have significant, but often unrealized, public health importance. The definition of personality disorders given by the International classification of diseases (ICD-10) states that ‘personality disorders’ comprise of deeply ingrained and enduring behavioral patterns, [...]

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