Our Educational Programs

FHTS offers several opportunities for undergraduates and graduates interested in population health research, and design, development and implementation of technology enabled interventions to make data meaningful and address growing challenges of the 21st century. FHTS has created programs and opportunities for individuals interested to solving these challenges using data driven, evidence-based, interventions, programs and policies that can facilitate informed decision making. FHTS training programs have research as an integral component and provide individuals necessary skills to drive innovation that takes into consideration community needs using both qualitative and quantitative data.

Operation Research in Population Health

The program will teach to formulate research question, utilize appropriate study designs, collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data and interpret and disseminate the research findings through National and International presentations. Participants will synthesize and apply the knowledge acquired from the course to address a health informatics problem starting from the first month

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Applied Health Informatics

The program is designed to help individuals to gain in depth understanding and training in Health Information Technologies. The course will teach individuals methods and concepts of Health Informatics, Public Health Informatics including electronic data collection and management. It provides an opportunity for students to undertake a Health Informatics research project under the guidance of highly skilled mentors.

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