Women Empowerment is a way ahead of smoking cigarettes and talking feminist. Today every country has strategized different policies and schemes to achieve the sustainable development goal 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”. The primary objective of those polices are always to bridge the gender gap by providing equal opportunity and rights to both the genders. Although, the policy makers and governments are giving best shots to empower women but they need to make aware every section of the women about their rights and different forms of power i.e. Power over– controlling power, Power to– generative and productive power,Power with– power in unity and Power from within– spiritual power; believing oneself.

During last several decades, every urbanised women or teen uses smartphone. They are active in every social media. Online shopping websites has raised profit margins. ‘We’ urban women can never think a day without our phone and laptop. We feel we are empowered because we are literate, have decent living standard and enjoy an independent life. Try questioning one selves “Can we call ourselves empowered?”The answer will vary from people to people some may feel we are empowered, some will be in a dilemma and some may answer no. One of the best way to measure empowerment is at the time of difficulty, which include three stages-

  1. Understanding the decision-making capacity.
  2. Evaluating the implementation of the decision.
  3. Access the technique used to overcome our difficulty.

One of the three dimensions used for computing Gender Empowerment Measures is ‘Power over Economic resources’. In today’s world the most common problem that women in a developing nation face is financial constrain that is a result ofinsufficient disposable income and unforeseen incidences like health problem, accidents, etc. In such situations, we fail to support our family or partners completely. Whenever our partner or sole bread owner is the victim, we became hopeless. We decide to sell our jewelleries or lend from our close ones. We never try to be little thoughtful, though internet banking is a part of our daily life but during problem due to unawareness we miss out the best option ‘E-banking application system’. This system helps in getting quick loan and without fronting over traffic in bank. Applying for loan has becomemuch easier, we do not need to stand in queue for long hours but can submit an application online, the bank will proceed the documentation as soon as they receive the application and will sanction the loan application in lesser time than the usual time.

E- Services like- insurances, loan, banking, and transfer can improve the financial inclusion within the women. Now we do not need to seek monetary support from others, can financially empower oneself though E banking. The technological innovation has brought the whole world inside our pocket. With a click, we can empower us with confidence, visibility and zest for life.

“A power in us empower us, Power of ONE woman builds a man, and Power of HUNDRED women develops a nation”

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Archa a recent graduate in population studies from International institute of Population sciences have joined FHTS as a “Population Health Science Researcher” with a vision to employ a digital infrastructure for understanding the problems of public health and chart out...