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    Although this seems a very simple question and we all know its answer but none of use hardly practice it to the fullest. Why none of us bother to keep a little check on the energy we waste by misusing it on day to day basis. May be we haven’t practiced it since our childhood and it has become one of our bad habits to avoid taking care of energy we use. We forget to switch off lights and fans when we do not need them, forget to switch off the plugs of AC, Geysers etc. We all must know by reducing the energy consumption we not only reduce our bills but also contribute towards a healthy and clean environment.We must use energy efficient appliances, ensure proper maintenance of heating and cooling system. There must be proper sealing and insulation. We must use CFLs and must have light color on the walls.Last but not the least we must get energy audit done.

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    TV commercial : A powerful impact of communication. India is heading towards it. As energy conservation is very important. We must be socially responsible, we must make sparing use of natural resources in the long term, and we must protect the climate.
    Here is the link of commercial ad which is now a days airing on television by PMO India

    “Bijli Bachao, Desh Banao”

    The concept of modern energy is much harder to grasp. For example, many countries consider nuclear power to be a modern, cost-effective and low-carbon form of energy, yet nuclear power does far worse than renewable energy sources in most life-cycle analyses with respect to environmental impact and costs. We should conserve the electricity as much as we can so solution can be cracked.

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