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    Garbage Landfills: Landfills or garbage bombs?
    Bhalswa: Delhi’s largest garbage dump on the city’s northern border.
    Vishwanath Puri, Kalander Colony near Bhalswa Dairy
    Delhi’s garbage dumps spewing toxic gases.
    “Often burning of garbage is observed at landfills sites which is due to methane gas generation from the decomposition process of garbage”
    Anti pollution Board said, it has seen to no action plans for better garbage disposal in Delhi, the world’s most polluted capital.
    The Bhalswa dump, which is supposed to have ceased operations 10 year ago, still serves about 50 percent of Delhi’s population, with 2700 tonnes of garbage dumped here every day.
    Locals complains of an unbearable stench in the area, unlike Mumbai, where authorities fought hard to battle massive fires at the Deonar dumping ground earlier this year, there is no sign of such effort at Bhalswa. No fire tenders, no municipal authorities attempting to douse the fire.
    The mammoth ticking garbage bombs of Bhalswa landfills are spewing toxic gases by the minute into Delhi’s already foul air because The National Capital, Yes!!! “THE NATIONAL CAPITAL” does not have an efficient waste management system.
    Burning waste also leads to an increased presence of chlorides in the air, which weakens the immune system, irritate lungs and cause respiratory disorders. And there are 770 household just near to the area. At least 4 lakh people who reside near the Bhalswa landfills at Bhalswa Dairy are suffering from various heat- related illnesses too.
    A small spark, a lit match or a cigarette stub, is enough to turn the area into an inferno as a thick gaseous haze, including copious amounts of combustible methane, hangs over the landfills.
    Methane should be trapped and used a fuel.
    Senior Delhi Pollution Control Committee officials say the landfills sites- especially Bhalswa- is on fire permanently.
    The landfill, which was supposed to be shut down in 2010 once the trash reached a heights of 22 meters still remains functional at a height of 42 meter ( equal to height of India Gate), this polluting groundwater and area around it. If it remain same and action not taken then it will be equal to the height of Qutub Minar i.e 72 meter in next 5-6 year.

    Many of them are doing work of Kabari there and not sending their kids for study because they go the dumping zone to sort the garbage and sell them to earn money.
    Ground water is geting contaminated so people can’t drink that water they are buying water that costs them 15 rupees/ 15 litres. (Kindly note: that water is also not authentic whether it is good for consumption or not).
    People are suffering from respiratory diseases because of this dump.

    Local residents says
    “Why we should have toilet at our home, we have more waste in front of our house we go there for open defecation, there is no sense of making toilet in our home”
    “Khatta (landfill) resembles a volcano. There are red-hot flames and fumes erupting all time”.
    “Summer problem is that: every summer fire erupts on it spontaneously. The garbage burn on their own, there is always a fear that household might get burnt as a result of that. On the other hand, during rains the garbage dump washed off with rain water and this then enters to our home”

    If we think about clean and hygiene then we should also know about the dumping zone which again contaminating air.
    There should be plan to utilize this dump in productive way, like methane gas can be used.
    Do you feel this SDG goal will be achieved in next 10 year?

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