Self awareness is integral part for the diabetes and it is a disease which gets affected by our day to day life. Nowadays when we talk about day to day life then most important thing which comes in mind is: social media platforms like facebook, whatspp, instagram etc. I believe these applications are as important for not only youngsters but also for old age people.

It has become the medium for knowledge transfer although sometimes it can be wrong but still people do read and follow them. Social media has had a profound effect on society, accelerating the way relationships are formed and information is now being shared in an unprecedented way. And read only web like twitter, youtube etc are also playing crucial role for the knowledge transfer. 1

Do you think social media can be powerful tool to spread awareness? If yes? Then what will be the best platform for this? Does this platform require specific feature for this?

Like I would say yes, social media can be powerful only if it is posted by trusted source. I think there should be one panel to approve the post so information for such fatal diseases can be verified and trusted. There should be report function so one can report the post false or true.

How innovative it can be… right. Lets us know your views too for this.

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