Being exposed to rural culture at a young age put in a sense of responsibility we hold towards the 'have nots'. As rightly said, ''Empathy is about finding echoes of another person in yourself''. A true Himachali at heart , I feel for an Individual and the Environment alike and feel that service to one will be service to another too. During school days, I twice bagged first position for painting competitions held by UNICEF and UNESCO which revolved around topic Environment and Population respectively. Under social outreach, I taught at a government school on many occasions. In my locality I teach kids who cant afford tuition. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have interned with ARAI. I was on team of engineers that certified cars. I therefore also hold experience for track-testing sports car and Alcohol-run-vehicles. How funny it may sound, I had to on-field mentor Post-grad students. My fourth year project is ambitious and so I have continued to work on it even though I completed my fourth year. When brought to action, it will help put behind Conventional and Non-conventional Energy resources and give a new addition to Energy Resource class. Personally, not only do i like to experiment with Human Fitness and Nutrition but also specialize in Canine Fitness training and BARF diets. Locally i volunteer for SPCA. In my free time however, I indulge in Nature photography and Poetry that explores human emotions and will be coming out with their books soon. Alsi, I'm planning to pursue a post-grad degree in Marketing&Sales in near future. I'm a man immersed in ideas and knowledge, so putting these to use with my teaching&convincing ability makes me so abled. To be able to reach out to people and give such services through FHTS is really an opportunity. Not only will it cater to the current socio-economic requirements of the Nation but also to the Hon'ble Prime Minister's ambitious ongoing projects like Kaushal Vikas yojna and Beti bachao-Beti padhao.