1st of Aug to 7th of Aug is celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week every year. Now World Breastfeeding Week is well and truly on the way. The first week of August is dedicated to raise awareness about the significance of breast milk in the neonate’s life. The theme for the celebration of the World Breastfeeding Week this year is “World Breastfeeding Week: Foundation of Life.”
In honour of World Breastfeeding Week 2018 Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Societies (FHTS) celebrated this week to raise awareness about the benefits of breastfeeding to the lactating mother living in urban slum of South Delhi.
As the name of the theme suggests “World Breastfeeding Week: Foundation of Life”. The name suggests that milk of the mother is base of life to the infant because it endows all the important nutrients in actual amount and strengthen the immune system of infant. It is complete nutrition for the baby and it contains all the required nutrient according to the baby need. Breastfeeding does not provide only physical strength but it also helps in building the child mother relationship also. It is psychological need of the child. There are many research which reveals that it is easily digestible – no constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach. Babies have healthier weights as they grow. Breastfed babies score higher on IQ tests.
It Safeguards against:

  • Allergies, sickness, and obesity.
  • Diseases like diabetes and cancer.
  • Infections, like ear infections.
During the session FHTS addressed about the importance of breastfeeding which included:
  • Benefits of breastfeeding to child-how breastfeeding help baby to fight against viruses, bacteria and make them less prone to diarrhea, asthma etc.
  • Benefits of breastfeeding to mothers; why exclusive breastfeeding for six months is necessary and why can’t breast milk be substituted by juice, water and formula milk for first six months
  • And that breastfeeding can be continued even after six months along with other nourishing foods for the baby.
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