Our Values


  • Giving honest feedback
  • Providing honest assessments and telling people what they need
  • Acting with transparency
  • Trusting and being trustworthy


  • Creating a vibrant learning community
  • Encouraging everyone to be open and share knowledge
  • Connecting the dots for people until they are able to do it themselves
  • Helping people understand the bigger picture

Availability, Accessibility, Affordability

  • Breaking down barriers and boundaries
  • Reaching out to marginalized populations
  • Providing culturally competent services
  • Providing affordable, cost effective, reliable and evidence driven informatics solutions

Building a sustainable community

  • Helping create desire in people to learn, particularly from one another
  • Helping create change and change agents in the community
  • Relevant to the community and to the nonprofit organizations we serve
  • Taking a long term view in developing an economically more vibrant community with equity among people of different race and ethnicity
  • Helping non-profit leaders Infuse energy, passion and focus into their work, their organizations and the community

The Logo

Logo - Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society

The logo reflects a sun and a moon suggesting that no matter in which part of the world we live where at one time there might be a day and another time there might be a night, the challenges are same and we need to address them together for overall improvement of mankind.

The Symbol

The symbol represents our core expertise in the outermost ring as well as possible areas of intervention in the inner ring and our ambition to take technologies to diverse settings across the globe.