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What is CAMP?

CAMP is a unique, first of its kind, public health Career and Mentorship Program that aims to provide students an opportunity to explore career pathways in the field of public health. This program orients and equips prospective students towards building a successful public health career and its related fields. CAMP will organize series of webinars, workshops, discussion forum, debates, and panel events to guide, educate and mentor students with credible sources of information on how best to equip and prepare themselves for a meaningful and a successful public health career.

The LOGO for CAMP, shaped in the form of an umbrella, is a depiction of safe space, that aims to provide a platform for Public Health aspirants to achieve their professional goals under the right guidance of experienced professionals through effective mentoring and counselling. A hub, where the public health aspirants, students and professionals seek to engage and establish a well-framed network with each other, reflect on their experiences and together transform the current and upcoming Public Health Community.


  • Existing gap between aspirants and potential careers options in public health.
  • Limited mentorship for decision making.
  • Career prospects in Public health and bridging the gap to have multisectoral approach to modern healthcare.
  • Limited access to platforms for information and communication on matters of concern when it comes to careers in public health.


CAMP creates a community of public health aspirants and bring them together to a platform in order to enable them to share insights, views and, real-life experiences of professionals in the field, with a keen focus on mentorship, informed decision making and assessing preparedness of the aspirants for a profound career in public health. For every event, a set of elite panelists with insightful journeys along with the aspiring public health professionals discuss some pressing questions pertaining to the field of public health. Topic of discussion for every event is warily chosen and discussions are monitored by professionals in the field with timely insightful inputs. Aspirants can connect with the initiative via various timely updates regarding the event, shared over our platforms online.


  • Informed decision making
  • Mentorship
  • Career prospects
  • Professional development


Who can enrol for the CAMP event?2021-04-18T14:58:33+05:30

Any undergraduate who aspires to take majors in Public Health or graduate student and recent graduates from the domain of Public Health, seeking answers for the way ahead in Public Health can enrol for the CAMP event.

Is CAMP like a Virtual Pooled Placement Drive?2021-04-18T15:04:43+05:30

No, not exactly. CAMP is an initiative by FHTS to guide and mentor the Public Health aspirants who desires to pursue a Master’s programme or recent Public Health Graduates stuck amidst the process of job search and a way to get specialization in Public Health e.g. DrPH or PhD. CAMP doesn’t claim or provide any direct placement opportunities.

I am a MPH graduate from India and I aspire to go abroad for PhD, Can CAMP help me shortlist the universities?2021-04-18T15:05:12+05:30

Of course, Yes! Some of the panelists at CAMP are themselves graduated from abroad and the moderator of the initiative is himself very well experienced when overseas education is concerned. Hence, the event can help you resolve your dilemmas regarding universities and programs best suited to your current profile.

Is CAMP a scholarship drive/ Can CAMP help me land up in a fully-funded Public Health Programs?2021-04-18T15:05:32+05:30

CAMP can definitely provide you with the criteria to be fulfilled in your career profile to increase your chances to land up in a Scholarship. CAMP discusses over the available scholarships according to the sessions and the universities, but can’t guarantee your scholarship or funds.

How can I be notified about upcoming CAMP event?2021-04-18T15:05:51+05:30

CAMP initiative upcoming events will be posted on the social media handles of FHTS e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and its website. Follow FHTS on social media platforms to keep updated.

I have more questions, who should I contact?2021-04-19T05:23:51+05:30

For more information, please connect via Contact us page.


RISE Intern - Success Stories - FHTS Initiatives

“During my internship with the Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society, I was a part of the CAMP(Career and Mentorship Program) Initiative. The CAMP initiative was to guide and mentor all public health aspirants through a series of panel discussions. I was a part of the organization and management team. Also, Dr. Ahish Joshi provided me an opportunity to participate as one of the panelists. Being a panelist and a part of the organizing team helped me gain strong communication, leadership, and organizing skills. I am grateful to sir for providing me this platform and making me a part of this foundation”.


FHTS - Our Team - Foundation of Healthcare Technologies Society,

“To be the part of CAMP Initiative as a panelist was an amazing experience. Question and answer session was remarkable. This initiative will immensely help those who are seeking to build their career in public health. The candid discussion on all the aspects of academic and non-academic parameters had definitely equipped the attendees with informed decision making about their careers. As a panelist, interchange of knowledge and experience was highly informative. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity”


RISE Intern - Success Stories - FHTS Initiatives

“Conceptualising and Organising ‘CAMP’ – Career and Mentorship Program, gave me an opportunity to upskill my strategizing and communication skills. I got an in depth experience of working with a Public Health Organisation – within its deadline to attain its goals. From our everyday work updates, to evolving of the CAMP plan – it’s minute details to full implementation, I must say it was truly ‘first of its kind’ and an insightful experience for me. I’m highly grateful to Dr. Ashish Joshi and his FHTS team for providing a platform for Public Health aspirants like myself to explore the realm of public health to its full lengths. I learnt another crucial skill – Documentation, keeping records including minutes of meeting. To be honest, initially writing frequent emails and constantly updating the team members and being updated to edit and make changes to the plans seemed like a daunting task, but eventually, it became as to why it needs to be done and its importance. Lastly, working in an enthusiastic and zealous team, made the whole process exciting, memorable and indeed, fruitful!”


Ashruti Bhatt, FHTS

“The session was a remarkable undertaking that provided me with an extensive platform to have one on one interaction with the attendees wanting to forge their career in the field of Public health. The quality questions asked provided me a self-insight, as I was at the same place few years back. I’m thankful on been given the opportunity to be one of the panelist and share my experience and journey in the field of public health with the attendees. The diversity of the event helped me to know people better also it was very inspiring to hear people’s journey and had very good level of interactions. It helped me gain my confidence by public speaking.”

I look forward to repeating the experience.



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