Burden of COVID-19 related Mis-Information

2022-05-06T22:15:11+05:30May 1st, 2022|

The current study aims to conduct a scoping review and map existing literature on the spread of misinformation and infodemic during the past one year of the abrupt COVID-19 outbreak to address public health concerns of infodemic and misinformation (including disinformation and mal-information). The study also aims to address the four key knowledge gaps in the context of pandemics in the field of health- related misinformation on social media namely, a) identify the dominant health misinformation trends and specifically assess their prevalence on different social media platforms, b) scrutinize interactive mechanisms and factors that make it possible to progressively spread health misinformation through social media, c) impact of misinformation on development and reproduction of unhealthy or dangerous health behaviors, d) identify the most effective and appropriate strategies to combat and reduce the negative impact of health misinformation