Infectivity rate was calculated by collecting information since the reporting of first COVID-19 case and fatality till July 2021. We assessed infectivity rate by calculating: Infectivity rate = Total covid-19 cases/Total reported COVID-19 tests*100

Objective: The objective of the study is to monitor and compare the impact of the Infectivity rate across different states and UTs in India
Duration: 1 year
Methods: Review


In this study we used SMAART RAPID Tracker ( to visually display the descriptive analysis of total number of cases, and fatality, cases and fatality per million, number of COVID-19 tests conducted, and the number of labs available in each states. Descriptive analysis was also performed to report infectivity rate across different regions of India. States and UTs were stratified based on infectivity rate of COVID-19.

FHTS, New Delhi