This is Dr Aastha Tandon currently pursuing Masters in public health from Indian Institute of Public health, Delhi. I am very excited about Joining FHTS for my internship to gain knowledge and skills in areas where my interests lie, I want to utilize this opportunity to the best.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Dental Surgery - Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences, Bangalore

Date of Joining: December 25, 2022

Date Of Completion: January 25, 2023


In one year I will be on holidays just like I am now but with achieved goals I hope I have put in a lot of thought about the goals I want to achieve this year and there are hundreds of thing I wish I could do but ii realized I need to prioritize my goals in such a way that it helps in advance in every aspect of my life ,this time next year I will be waiting to start my internship and thesis which I hope will give me the hands on experience I wish so that I can really find out more about opportunities in this field and internship will provide fresh and different prospective which will help me figure out what I would love to do for the rest of my life to earn a living for a comfortable life, recently I have developed my liking towards meditation yoga and drawing mandalas I would like to explore that more along with my career and in three years I wish to see myself independent successfully working in some good organization in whatever work I do so that I can help myself also and an organization also to grow and to grow means not only on professional level but also on personal level to be a better human being and achieve my physical and mental health goals.