My name is Abantika Datta. I did my bachelor of Science Honors in Anthropology. Currently, I am doing Master of Science in Anthropology at the University of Delhi. I wish to go abroad for higher studies in public health in future

Highest Education: BSc. - Amity University

Date of Joining: October 10, 2022

Date Of Completion: October 12, 2022


The future is unknown to us and there are many people who are afraid about the future and what can happen, but many are also optimistic about it. I personally am very much optimistic about my future and already planned how my next one year and next three years will look like and who I am going to be in these years.

First of all, let me talk about my next year. In the next one year, I see myself studying at one of my dream universities like the University College of London or King's College London as a student. I want to pursue my second master’s degree in Public Health from these universities. In next one year, I am going to cross one of the milestones of my life and probably one of the biggest one up till this very age.

Now, when I talk about how see myself in the next three years, I have two alternative plans in my mind. My first plan is to be a PhD student in the top universities of the world like, Oxford, Stanford or Harvard. I want to do a research on the diseases and their remedies mentioned in Atharva Veda and how is it both different and similar to modern day medical science. My second alternative plan, if I drop the plan of doing PhD with course of time, is to work in World Health Organization as a Public Health Expert and help people in need all over the world.

In conclusion, I want to say that, I see myself in next few years as a successful woman with degrees of my dreams and as a great Public Health Expert.