Aditi Singh

2020-07-28T07:29:54+05:30June 9th, 2020|


My name is Aditi Singh. I’m pursuing post-graduation in food and nutrition from Lady Irwin college, Delhi University. My specialization is in the field of public health nutrition and interning under FHTS is a great opportunity for me to enhance my skills and gain experience.

I have a lot of interest in field work and community-based projects. Reading is my passion and I know basic level Korean language. Also, I love to dance in my free time.

Highest Education: Bachelor’s degree in Home Science - Institute of Home Economics (DU)

Date of Joining: June 8, 2020


FHTS provides a fantastic platform for anyone who considers nutrition an innovative field. The tasks given by the team are thought provoking and persuade one to think critically. The unmatched support given by Dr. Ashish Joshi and team motivated me to work through all obstacles and finish this journey gracefully.