Akshay B Gajbhiye

2020-08-27T02:21:43+05:30July 10th, 2020|


I’m Akshay B Gajbhiye. I did my graduation in Social Sciences (BA). Currently I’m pursuing my Master of Public Health in Health Administration from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. I believe that challenges in public health sector other than clinical challenges can be resolved efficiently and effectively with a multi-disciplinary approach, so that despite being a Social Science graduate I chose to make career in Public Health field.

Also I believe, being a public health professional, we get an opportunity to explore new cultures, geographical variation, Health Seeking Behaviours ,people’s attitude towards health and other new things which affect our health system and its policy making decisions ,directly and indirectly. After joining TISS, Mumbai and my recent internships at Tata Trusts(NPHCE Programme) and Public Health Department , Government of Maharashtra(as an Administrative Inter), I observed and realized the importance of ground level workers like front line health workers (specially ASHA) , a strong and efficient infrastructure for the primary health care system, importance of data, insurance sector and many more.

I’ve a firm belief in team work and I have the ability to work in team with ability to create a healthy work atmosphere. After completion of MPH, I would like to work in administration and management domain areas in Public Health and allied sectors.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) - IGNOU

Date of Joining: July 1, 2020


It was really a new experience for me, to do the entry work related to Advisory and Policy guidelines directed by the respective government, of countries like Italy, Republic of Korea, this helped me to get insight on how other countries are dealing with Pandemic. Dr. Joshi's lectures also helped me to learn about some holistic approaches and ways towards proper understanding of the Public health service system. I also got the insight about the policy recommendations that should be put into place to ensure achievement of SDG8 happens during the COVID-19 outbreak and some relevant steps that must be taken in the office area and in other working areas to ensure for non-transmission of the COVID-19 disease.