Aman Khurana

2021-11-18T18:57:56+05:30September 26th, 2021|


I am a Dental Surgeon based in India. With great responsibilities put on my shoulder at an early age, I believe that this life is worth living to the fullest. As it is rightly said, “Leave this world in a better place than we found it.” Fueled with the desire to help people, I practice helping the community at large through my platforms of blogging, philanthropy including organizing various happiness and oral hygiene awareness drives.
A keen interest in the field of public health is a great boost for me working in this sector with around 10 published articles in various health journals.

Highest Education: BDS - Chaudhary Charan Singh University- Meerut

Date of Joining: August 9, 2021


This internship is really essential for one to learn and grow. It really helped me to grow and expand my knowledge on different ways of working on different research projects. The Internship had been really interesting and different learnings. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process. Highly recommended to those who would love to get a glimpse of public health field. I worked on environmental effect related study. Having different learnings, I can say that this really helped me to realize about how badly the environment is responding to human made destructions.