During my tenure at Foundation of Healthcare Technologies society I learned a number of things. Working in the Diet Grant has been an experience unlike any other. FHTS taught me about research from scratch. The level of exposure I received was unlike any before. My trip to the study site is one such example.

I collected data for JJ cluster urban slum study which itself was an eye opening experience. I managed to overcome the challenges I faced while trying to collect accurate data. I contributed in organizing events such as World Environment day and World population day. I even helped during the PHIK camp.

  • Diet DSS and Swasthya Pahal

The guidance I received from my seniors is beyond measure. They have been so patient with me and helped me made progress as an individual and as a part of the organization, both. FHTS is one of the finest examples of a democratic organization which equally engages all its members. While applying for internship I was in search of an organization that would provide me opportunity as well as experience and I am so glad that it was FHTS where I got to work.