Animesh Lal

2021-11-18T19:11:24+05:30August 27th, 2021|


I am a graduate of MCODS Manipal, I graduated last year (2020), the pandemic made me realize how the healthcare infrastructure of our country is Lacking behind and has a long way to go still, especially the healthcare services provided in the rural areas of India, I am very passionate about working towards the development of health services of our nation, and all developing nations of the world, and I think a Master’s in Public health will give me the right tools to achieve my personal and professional goals, I am going to join the MPH program of Cardiff University this September.

Highest Education: BDS - Manipal University

Date of Joining: June 22, 2021


I had a great learning experience with the Foundation Of Healthcare Technology internship in public health, I got to learn a lot about the research methodologies, earlier I had just learned about them during my time in Bachelors of Dental Surgery, and we had Public Health Dentistry as a subject in the final year, but I got to learn about the research methods in depth, and got to participate in a scoping review as well, I also got to learn a lot from the assignments that were given to us, for which I had to search about the public health system of a country, as well as one state in India.
Participating in the discussions on various blogs pertaining to Public health, gave me a lot of insights about the various aspects related to healthcare. At last I would thank Rishita ma’am, who was coordinating our project, and guided us with precise information at the right junctures throughout the project.