Avani Mekala

2020-07-07T00:34:50+05:30June 8th, 2020|


I Avani Mekala have completed my masters in Clinical nutrition and food science from Amrita institute of medical sciences and bachelors from Applied nutrition and public health from Osmania University. I am looking forward to build a strong career in the research area of nutrition and public health to develop Functional Foods, as I firmly believe that right nutrition can help revive the patients from their ailments supporting the physiological interventions. Prevention is better than cure.

Highest Education: Masters in Clinical nutrition and food science - Amrita vishwavidyapeetham

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020


Though practical experience is the best, this quality internship has given me develop essential skills during this pandemic. As a public health intern I have learnt the best about health strategies about different countries though being from a non-public health background and have got an accurate idea about the challenges each country is facing during this pandemic. And FHTS team has been really supportive, friendly so I thank each and every one for giving me this opportunity.