I’m Chelikam Veeraraghavendra Reddy from Hyderabad I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Physiotherapy from SRM university Chennai and I’m currently pursuing my Master of Public Health at the Indian Institute of public health (PHFI) Bhubaneswar.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Physiotherapy - SRM university

Date of Joining: October 1, 2022

Date Of Completion: January 30, 2023


I envision myself completing my postgraduate studies in a year with a decent grade and the necessary, abilities for a career in public health. I'm hoping to identify my interests in the broad field of public health, which will also be in demand in the professional setting.

I want to actively work on a thesis idea for my dissertation submission, improve my data analytics skills, and gain some practical experience to better grasp how real world research and project management are anticipated. To assist contribute to the improvement of the healthcare system, I aim to be hired by the government and collaborate closely with authorities and the local community.

According to me, growth occurs when I can improve upon my current talents and pick up new ones on a daily basis in order to enhance my performance and meet the aims and objectives of the organization.

To advance in status or boost my performance generally I needed specific skills in order to pursue my interests, which include epidemiological service in the field of NCD and CD, research and methodology, project management, and public health nutrition. I would like to improve my skills in these areas, as well as in the collection of quantitative and qualitative data, data analysis, and data interpretation, by learning better data science software that can help me broaden my skill set.

I'm hoping to fit in with the organization and actively contribute to its success.

I'm hoping that in three years, with excellent mentoring, direction, and collaboration with the appropriate brains, I'll have developed a social and health entrepreneurial plan that can be put into action and expanded.

I want to learn effective communication techniques, articulative writing and expression, and action-oriented leadership while I'm on this adventure because communication is the major barrier we cant reach targets and goals.