Divya Rana

2021-09-11T03:16:09+05:30September 11th, 2021|


I am a dentist by profession, with clinical experience of 8+ yrs. I like to learn things and enhance my knowledge. I am very hardworking n sincere towards my profession.

Highest Education: BDS - C.C.S University

Date of Joining: July 5, 2021


In the next one year, I See Myself graduated with a Master’s degree in hand and working tirelessly in one of the research centres, improving and growing day by day. I see Myself as an independent, Successful woman. I see Myself working for Women’s safety, women’s health, and nutrition. I want to establish a platform for women in need, and I really want it, to be available for every woman in every corner of the country. I also see Myself working part-time in health development, as I Aim to make our country a healthy country. In the next three years, I plan to pursue my PhD and continue with my public health plans making sure it reaches the greater height. Apart from this, I Aim big, in establishing an Animal welfare organisation. (Animal’s safety) I know one thing for sure, plans won’t work unless you get out of your comfort zone and work really hard. Keeping faith in everything you do would surely Help you to achieve big. Dreams do come true if you have the power to make them true