Public Health Analyst

Gunjan Sooden graduated from Delhi University with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. As a Nutritionist and a Health coach, she is passionate about helping people understand the importance of clean eating, healthy cooking, and the extent of diet and nutrition in their fitness journey. Eating healthy, she believes, should not be boring. With experience as an intern in the food sector, she is best at exploring and producing recipes using local, day-to-day ingredients. This generation differs from the previous one. We must find quick ways to make our regular meals healthier and more delicious. Because this is our current way of life, we must balance being busy while still being able to eat healthily right? She believes a change in diet can make a world of difference to your Health, and action is the foundational key to all successful health transformations. The key to a fit body is consistency in your everyday schedule, with nutrition as the key element. Because every country has its own unique beauty with its traditional meals, she is constantly keen to learn about other cultures and traditions regarding food.

Highest Education: MSc. (Food and Nutrition) - Amity University

Date of Joining: July 8, 2023