I am Hephzibah Blessy, a dental graduate currently pursuing master’s in public health with a focus in epidemiology at Prasanna School of Public health, Manipal. With a keen interest in Health Informatics, Non-Communicable Diseases and Nutrition, I hope to contribute to projects that will positively impact the healthcare industry. Interning at FHTS will give me the professional foundation and transferable skills to understand and work on a wide range of issues from COVID-19 to health care policy.

Highest Education: BDS - Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences

Date of Joining: July 2, 2022


I'm Hephzibah Blessy, a dentist by profession and currently a public health student. In the coming year, I picture myself completing my MPH at Manipal University with the knowledge, capacities, and skills required to work in a team. I will therefore receive my post-graduate degree within the next year and begin looking for jobs where I can put my knowledge to use and have the necessary opportunities to sharpen my skills and abilities. I will be ready to join any government, non-profit, or private organisation in my district and work as a public health professional to accomplish particular health care objectives within society.

I anticipate having a very fruitful three years ahead of me. I consider myself a public health expert with an in-depth understanding of public health research. I picture myself working for a reputable company where I can expand my knowledge in various areas and have the opportunities to prove off my skills that will advance my career and personal development. Also, With a focus on health policy, I intend to work in the field of public policy. I aim to continue working toward a health policy advocacy and research background. I envision a career in programme planning, and evaluation. Besides aiming that would further my education, I also hope to advance my profession by picking up new skills and expanding my knowledge. I also want to contribute by giving back by participating in some volunteer work. I will continue to be flexible in my profession, try new things, and pursue interests that will allow me to grow personally.