Indira Priyadarshini Madiki

2020-10-08T21:54:22+05:30October 8th, 2020|


I am an enthusiastic, versatile, hard-working and determined dental professional with a passion to make a niche in public health and impact people’s lives. I am a team player, always ready to help and support people with professional guidance when required. I am a self-motivated and positive person constantly trying to upgrade my knowledge and skills. My work as a dentist, educational endeavours in the U.K and volunteering opportunities with Northwest Air Ambulance have given me a good experience and understanding of the impact one can have on other people’s lives. With my professional experience of 7+ years as a dentist and a beginner in public health I aim to accomplish great heights in my career. Whatever my position, designation I see myself as an asset to the place I work giving my complete dedication, quickly learning necessary skills, adapting to and trying to improve the work environment. My motto is to always dream big and try to make things possible even if the path is ambiguous.

Highest Education: MPH - University of Central Lancashire

Date of Joining: October 1, 2020