I am Isha Rathi, currently pursuing Master of public health from Amity university. I have done B.A.M.S and P.G diploma in clinical research.
I have an extensive 4 years work experience in clinical trials and Pharmacovigilance, have also participated in international conferences during my tenure.

Highest Education: BAMS - Maharashtra University of Health Sciences

Date of Joining: November 15, 2022

Date Of Completion: February 15, 2023


I am Dr. Isha Rathi, I have done B.A.M.S from Mumbai and currently pursuing MPH from Amity university. I have an experience in clinical trials where I worked on phase 2, 3 and 4 trials, various research trials on diabetes. Also have an experience in pharmacovigilance where I monitored the side effects of drug. Both my experience was related in interest to the health of people. I am a public health enthusiast whose keen interest in the field led to pursue my goal to work for the health and safety of the people.

In the next one year I see myself completing the MPH degree success with capacities and skills required for working in public health profession. I would also like to have an in-depth knowledge about the field and build a solid foundation to uplift my career. I strongly believe in self-development; knowledge enhancement and hard work are the key to success and with this belief I will acquire skills and exposure in the field. Since I already have few years of experience, this will enable me to work on multiple things at a time and be more efficient. I wish to diligently work on a thesis topic for my dissertation submission.

And in the next 3 years I see myself working in a reputed organisation like WHO, UNICEF or any government organisation at a respectable position and be a devoted public health professional. With the added experience would like to take challenging work to broaden my horizon and my capacity. As they say, Life is a continuous learning and if given a chance would like to pursue a fellowship or PHD in relevant field of interest from renowned institutions in coming years.