Kirti Sharma

2020-07-10T16:33:56+05:30June 9th, 2020|


I am Kirti Sharma, food technology graduate from University of Delhi and currently pursuing Master’s in Food and Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi. I seek interest in nutrition and public health. I am keen to acquire knowledge and develop skills to progress in professional career in the particular field.

Highest Education: BSc. (H) Food Technology - University of Delhi

Date of Joining: June 8, 2020


Doing virtual internship at FHTS was a great learning experience and the best decision I could ever made. It was such a valuable experience which helped me expand my knowledge in public health sector. This internship gave the opportunity to explore technology based approaches utilized in the field of healthcare and nutrition. The entire experience has been invaluable and will guide me through my professional career.