I am Latisha Hadkar, a BDS graduate from the Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences Year 2022 December. I have 1 year of dental internship experience in a hospital and 5 months of dental experience in a private clinic. I have been part of oral cancer detection camps and oral health camps during my undergraduate period. I wish to apply for 6 month internship.

Highest Education: BDS - Maharashtra University Of Health Sciences (MUHS)

Date of Joining: February 20, 2023

Date Of Completion: August 20, 2023


In the next year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will most certainly be a strong need for public health experts with experience in infectious disease control and prevention during the following year. This may include positions in public health agencies, hospitals, and research institutions, where professionals will be responsible for coordinating and implementing public health interventions such as vaccination campaigns, testing, contact tracing, and the development of new treatments and therapies.

I may also play an important role in educating the public about the importance of initiatives related to public health. In addition, I may collaborate with other public health professionals to create and implement strategies for eliminating health disparities and enhancing access to healthcare services. Also, there may be more chances for public health professionals to work in areas such as health equity, mental health, and chronic disease prevention. These roles may include creating and implementing programs to address health disparities and encourage healthier lives, as well as conducting research to discover the underlying causes of health inequalities.

In the next three years, I believe that public health will continue to evolve over the next three years, with a larger emphasis on preventive and individualized therapy. I might end up working on programs to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, as well as oral diseases. Changes in health patterns and new technology are likely to force public health to adapt. This might involve a greater emphasis on personalized medicine and genomics, with public health experts playing an important role in devising and executing tailored prevention and treatment methods based on an individual's genetic makeup and other health data.

As a public health practitioner, I may potentially work on research projects that utilize data analytics and machine learning to identify and anticipate potential health risks and design targeted interventions and treatments. I may also have the option to work with other professionals in fields such as epidemiology and biostatistics.

In addition, I may be involved in policy advocacy activities to promote health equity and minimize health disparities. Working with community organizations, lawmakers, and other stakeholders to design and execute policies and initiatives that improve health outcomes for marginalized populations.

Eventually, I have the opportunity to have a substantial impact on the health and well-being of individuals and communities as a public health professional. I can help influence the future of public health and contribute to the building of healthier, more resilient communities by focusing on prevention, equity, and innovation.