I am a BDS intern from Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Science and Research, Faridabad. I am also an Outreach Program Coordinator in Healthy Affordable Solutions Nationally for Aam Aadmi (HASNAA) Foundation. I am a philanthropist by nature and aim at deriving affordable and accessible evidence-based healthcare solutions for all the citizens globally. I see my future in Digital Health and Health Informatics in data analytics, Data science, AI, and ML

Highest Education: BDS - Sudha Rustogi College of Dental Science and Research

Date of Joining: December 10, 2022

Date Of Completion: March 10, 2023


In the coming year, I would like to gain knowledge and do research work in the digital health domain in India. I would be learning about health data management and analysis. I would be learning about National Digital Health Mission and its implementation in various states in India. Besides this, understanding customer requirements and compliance based on the economical and demographical disparity in India is my major concern. I would be working as a clinical research analyst market research specialist in companies dealing with medical devices and technology. I would be implementing the knowledge of healthcare that I have gained during by Bachelor's in Dental Surgery and health informatics to devise patient-centric and healthcare providers’ compliant solutions based on evidence and technological-based healthcare.

After gaining knowledge about the market, interpersonal relations, and customer requirements, I would be doing my Masters in Health Informatics and healthcare technologies to incorporate the knowledge I have gained to develop sensor technology linked with the mobile app to diagnose systemic and oral conditions through saliva. I would also be working on an AI-based application for managing the emergency situation in dentistry and spreading awareness among the citizens regarding oral hygiene maintenance and care within the incorporation of Electronic Dental Records (EDR) and teledentistry.

Besides incorporating the above-mentioned skills, I would be learning about project management, leadership, team building, and entrepreneurship skills throughout the master course and other online and offline courses.

In the long run, I see myself as an entrepreneur. I would like to work with a team of professionals from varied backgrounds to build tech-driven healthcare solutions to make health affordable and accessible to all the citizens of the country.