My name is Mallika Khanna and I am a 25-year-old dental graduate. I recently graduated from Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Dental Sciences and Research with a degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery. I have drafted this mail in order to express my wish to work as an intern at your esteemed organization.

I want to pursue a career in Public Health and am passionate about learning the health problems faced by our society and coming up with ways to tackle them. Previously, I have volunteered as a dental professional at various camps & have also studied Public Health Dentistry in my college curriculum where I learnt about community awareness, statistics, research, and health management.

I am a sincere, collaborative and artistic person, which makes me believe that I would be a great addition to your team.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Dental Surgery - Sri Guru Ramdas Institute of Dental Sciences and Research

Date of Joining: December 2, 2022

Date Of Completion: February 28, 2023


Next year, I see myself pursuing Masters in Public Health from a prestigious university. I am interested in studying Epidemiology as it will allow me to learn and understand various diseases and their prevention and control. The primary goal of the epidemiologist is to identify those factors that have a causal impact on disease or health outcome development, which resonates with my goal as a healthcare professional. I see myself working and undertaking a research project related to cancer since that is the field I am most interested in, with learned and experienced professors and researchers. In the next three years, after completing my master's I want to work as an epidemiologist for globally eminent organizations such as the World Health Organization or Centre for Disease Control and Prevention so that I can contribute to facilitating preventive and effective treatment measures for fatal diseases. I want to focus on Cancer related research as Cancer epidemiology plays a very important role in oncology. Epidemiological studies help in establishing risk factors, the effectiveness of treatment in the general population etc . As it was on the basis of epidemiological studies that we know smoking causes lung cancer so these studies are very important at the population level. Working on a disease that used to be a death sentence but now due to research and advancements has improved chances of survival is the motivating factor for my interest in this specific area. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute towards certain positive developments in the prevention and treatment of cancer after a few years.


I joined the virtual public health internship at FHTS in order to learn more about the field of public health and gain new experience. My experience as an intern has been very positive. I got to work under the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable supervisors and learned more about research and data analysis and management. I would highly recommend this internship to students who want to work in the public health sector.