I am currently pursuing my Masters in Public Health from Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar. I have done my Bachelors in Life Sciences. I am a young and enthusiastic person who would like to experiment in the field. With my traditional background I am excited to learn and learn and work. I am interested in the area of behavioural science, research and informatics. I would like to expand my area and depth of knowledge in coming time.

Highest Education: Bachelors of Life Sciences - Basic P G college Bikaner, Maharaja ganga Singh University

Date of Joining: May 18, 2020


It was my first virtual internship; it came as a silver lining in the middle of pandemic when everything was overwhelming. As a public health student pandemic should be our battlefield to fight, I was stuck inside my house. There was an urge to help and contribute in any way possible. Working on SMAART RAPID Tracker was one such opportunity among others. It fulfilled the chance I was looking for.
Apart from this the opportunity gave me a systematic and scientific start to my career in public health, I use the skills and knowledge I developed during it in my career. I talked about my Country health system project and related experience in evaluation matrix and how it helped me. Mentorship during each and every step of the tenure created the environment to learn and grow simultaneously.
I learned a lot and I am very much grateful to the whole team of FHTS.