Manisha Nigade

2020-08-27T02:39:57+05:30July 5th, 2020|


I myself is a Homeopathic doctor and i have worked in allopathic hospitals as well as in homeopathic clinic. Since june 2019 I am persuing MPH course from TISS, Mumbai which is a dream career path for me. I would like to apply my healthcare knowledge in the public health systems at various levels and currently I am trying to learn online courses which would add up to my knowledge and give me the insights about public health, mangement and data analysis.

Highest Education: B.H.M.S. - Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

Date of Joining: July 1, 2020


The Internship was an interesting journey as it was one of my first experiences of working remotely and professionally with a proper public health organisation. The experience provided an amazing opportunity to work and observe things from different perspectives. Overall, I find myself satisfied with how my learning curves took place on numerous occasions during the internship. I therefore expect the program to continue to provide support for both students as well as the host organisation, which I think did a wonderful job in this space with great learning experience.