PhD Fellow

Mirza Adil Beig is mid career public health researcher along with the experience of more than 3 year along with motivated, highly enthusiastic, eager to learn and perform the best oriented result which he has given while worked with last organizations
After completion of Master of public Health, he has started his career of research Work in 2015 with prominent University National Institute of Epidemiology in Collaboration with BRD Medical College and Indian Council of Medical Research, worked with Neathlands Leprosy Relief in international project consecutively going in three country i.e. Brazil, Canada, and India on Post Exposure Prophylaxis of Leprosy, Worked with Nutrition International on Maternal and Newborn Care, followed by Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit aside from all these key responsibility he is also having four internationally published research paper.
Population Health informatics professionals continue to, play a key role in assisting organizations and migrate to the computerized systems. This includes securing healthcare data to prevent hacking, advancing interoperability across systems that have merged or added physician practices, and documentation and coding improvements in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery for optimal reimbursement and continuous quality care practices.
As a public health professional we have to tackle and analyse a big data to get the best fitment of result.
So I am looking my self as an expert in public health after getting the reward of PhD in population Informatics which will obviously result in excellency in my knowledge for implanting it ultimately lead to superintendents in the field of Public Health.

Highest Education: MPH - Deemed University

Date of Joining: September 16, 2020