My name is Dr. Naorem Subhadra Devi and I am from Manipur. Currently, I am pursuing a Masters of Public Health in Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Udupi, Karnataka. I have completed a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from S-VYASA University Bangalore. My hobbies are reading novels and gardening. I love traveling but unfortunately, the pandemic is affecting everything, thanks to technology that we still can work and learn new things online. Thank you for accepting my request for an internship and I will work hard during this period.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences - Svyasa University

Date of Joining: May 1, 2021


I joined this internship program at FHTS for a month. My experience was overall very good. Meeting with Dr. Joshi along with other internees and discussing about current health issues happening was very interesting and insightful. I wish I could do more than a month. Internship coordinator and my mentor for assignment, they all are very helpful and understanding. The assignment was data collection but I learned more than that. A brief understanding of how Indian states react to the pandemic in a year shows gaps in the approaching ways which helps me in more critical thinking. I would like to thank FHTS for all the learning.