Neha Tanwar

2020-09-05T19:53:54+05:30September 5th, 2020|


I am Neha Tanwar. I have recently completed Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Indian Institute of Public Health, Delhi. I am a physiotherapy graduate from Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Physiotherapy (BCIP) in 2018. I have clinical experience of three months. I have done my thesis on prevalence of text neck syndrome in college students during my master’s course.

Highest Education: MPH - SCTIMST

Date of Joining: August 24, 2020


Through my degree in MPH and personal experience, I have discovered passion for Public Health Research. In next one year I would like to see myself as a Public Health researcher with a year experience. I would like to see myself working in FHTS. For this internship with FHTS will aid in and improve my practical skills. I want to explore and develop my data analytical skills. I want to have gained experience in quantitative as well as in qualitative research. Will have gained experience how to work with team. Explore my leadership qualities. Would love to build a career at FHTS in next one year. In next three years I want to have made my own contributions in public health. I would like to have published atleast three articles through the researches I have done in those three years.