Nomisha Khatri

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Dr. Nomisha Khatri is a recent MPH graduate from the School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad. She holds a BDS degree from Teerthanker Mahaveer University. She has 2 years of clinical experience as a junior dentist. During her internship, she has gained some fieldwork experience as an external monitor in a COVID-19 contact tracing and data collection team in Dhari, Nainital district, Uttrakhand. This experience has equipped her with community engagement skills and helped her gain the ability to work as a member of a team effectively.
With a keen interest in the research pertaining to public health, her interests are in the field of oral health, maternal and child health, health equity, and healthcare and health system strengthening. She looks forward to gaining desired knowledge and experience and start her journey as a Public Health Professional.

Highest Education: MPH - University of Hyderabad

Date of Joining: August 19, 2021


I have recently graduated with a master’s degree in public health so this coming year plays a significant role in my professional and personal growth. I have set up few targets that can bring the best of me. Getting the right opportunity can lead me in a positive direction. First of all, I aspire to get an entry-level position in some organizations as it will be a stepping stone to my public health journey as a public health professional. In the next 1 year, I see myself placed in a public health organization as a researcher, and working in my interest areas, maternal and child health, oral health and contribute towards gender equity. I see myself as a skilled professional who is proficient in STATA and SAS programming languages along with the SPSS and Excel. I also wish to publish my final year thesis paper this year as soon as possible.
Since I was on university campus just for my 1st semester and the rest of the course was completed online due to ongoing pandemic I see myself getting better exposure in the fieldwork because I believe engaging with the community and getting insight into the issue they face at the ground level is of utmost importance to get an innovative idea to help them solve the issues. Apart from this, irrespective of the type of sector I get to work with, I see myself as contributing to bridging the gap caused due to healthcare disparities. Learning is a continuous process and I see myself getting fortunate enough to get good mentorship and guidance which will help me grow both professionally and personally. I also see myself mentoring and giving the right guidance to individuals with an interest in public health domains. I see myself as a skilled professional with good communication and interpersonal skills along with the updated knowledge on public health issues and innovations. I see myself as someone who improves every day by learning and works hard for the organization I am with and do justice to my title of public health professional by contributing towards the community with evidence-based research work.
After these two years of learning experience and getting to know the situation of our country’s public health, I wish to explore and learn about the global health system to get an idea if anything similar can be done in India to strengthen its public health system. Having said that, I wish to be not just financially independent but also satisfied with the work I do in the coming three years. I see myself being satisfied and happy with the rewarding career in the public health field by being empathetic towards the communities needs and do my bit to improve the situation. I see myself being proud of not just my career growth but also the personal growth I make in the coming three years. I live by the quote when nothing is certain, anything is possible and I see myself believing the same and I can picture myself growing in a positive environment and contributing to the public good.


It has been a very unique experience of virtual internship. I am glad to be one of the V- Inspire Interns. This platform has given such a wonderful opportunity to be associated with FHTS. The overall guidance and exposure that Dr. Ashish Joshi and Mansi Mam provide is elucidate. My experience on learning something new was very wholesome. Learning about healthcare system of other countries gave me insight of how we can improve and plan for better public health. Based on my task I was very glad to know that how we don’t have a dashboard for children with COVID-19 and how important is it to think about it. This internship also helped me value of team work. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to FHTS team.