Pragya Singh

2021-09-03T11:53:20+05:30September 3rd, 2021|


I am Dr. Pragya Singh, a BDS graduate, currently pursuing Masters in Public Health from IIPH Hyderabad heading forward with my specific interest in the preventive aspect of public health and using it as a tool for keeping society healthy as it lays a foundation for the social and economic development of an individual and the nation as well. It is really encouraging to have an insight into procedures behind policy decisions and evidence-based practice and target preventive healthcare through the lens of FHTS as an organization. It will help further foster my understanding and hone my skills through which I can contribute to the overall health and health care improvements to serve the greater good.

Highest Education: BDS - Dr B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra

Date of Joining: August 11, 2021