I Ms. Prasangeeka Basnet am a student currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at the Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I have done my previous graduation in the field of Nursing and have volunteered for a year in a locally based NGO which worked for menstrual health and sustainable menstrual products. We might be different in the way we are and the way we live but the divine truth is that we are all one and the same. I plan my undertakings thoroughly which helps me to sense the requirements of a situation and act accordingly. I am more open to new approaches and learnings and show initiative in bringing changes while working as a team. I always would want to learn and unlearn and be able to appreciate the complexities and connect to the issues.
While being in this field I feel the experiences are very reflexive based and a lot of self-realization processes is been happening. To make oneself believe what doing great work means, for me to do what you love to do and would love to invest in.

Highest Education: BSc. Nursing - Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka.

Date of Joining: May 17, 2022


In one year from now, I would probably be achieving my MPH Degree which I consider not only to be a degree but it’s a great opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn. As through my internship and dissertation, it would add creates to what I really want to do and also helps to navigate my interests’ that I am good at and with what capabilities I can perform well. I want to see myself working on the grounds of the mental and emotional well-being of children, adolescents, and adults among a marginalized group of individuals and hopefully be able to appreciate the complexities and connect to the issues. I hope to identify various barriers and interventions in the field of public health. I hope to know and learn practical realities and challenges faced while advocating concepts at community levels.
In the next three years, I would want to be a part of a firm or an organization that is truly working for mental health specifically and also be involved in research projects which can be implemented for the growth and welfare of the community and public health as a whole. I will always look forward to putting myself in multiple shoes. Learning how various individuals can live lives or spend a normal day, listening to stories, and understanding community through the collection of experiences. Navigating on a need-based approach, and establishing strong relationships and associations with the communities. To bridge the gaps and to be in a collective movement.


The internship included many responsibilities necessary to work on various aspects of a research organization. Each day brought different circumstances and I had opportunities to learn and get involved in. It was a worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career. I will take both negative and positive aspects of internship with me in applying for and analysing future opportunities.
I really enjoyed contributing and teamwork in general. It was a good feeling to know that the work I was doing was important and had a direct or an indirect impact to the population as a whole.