I am pursuing public health with a long-term goal of working in policy making related to non-communicable diseases and a short-term goal of publishing as much research as possible from henceforth. I have experience of working with people with disabilities in India (South India: Bangalore and North India: Delhi) and Nepal (Kathmandu valley) for 3 years continuously post my graduation. I mostly focused in pediatric and geriatric non communicable diseases both acute (ICU, NICU, PICU) and chronic (ward, palliative, homecare, hospice) management within the scope of physiotherapy and evidence-based practice in the field. I am glad to have found an opportunity in your prestigious institution for development and growth. 

Highest Education: BPT - Physiotherapy - Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

Date of Joining: November 1, 2022

Date Of Completion: April 30, 2023


In next one year I see myself as a final year graduate student of public health doing my thesis on topic related to non- communicable diseases. I will have written at the very least 3 research paper in my field of interest and they will be in the process of getting published in high index journal of public health in India and abroad. As I am a prime believer that networking with industry specialist is very important to grow in our career, I will have attended 5 conferences or more within coming year. I will be able to do poster presentation in conferences to introduce my research work to other public health professional. I plan to have worked under several established researcher in field of public health and learned skills to be a better researcher. I hope to have improved my self-confidence by actively working for a year with community, people and research. One of my biggest career goals is to improve my presentation skills and public speaking. I think there is a gap between my technical knowledge and expression of my thoughts, thought process. I am not satisfied with my communication skills level which I would work on for this one year to help me with my long term goal of being in leadership position in Public Health.

In three years I see myself with a position at an organization where I can grow professionally and take on new challenges as I excel in my public health role either monitoring, evaluation or implementation. I believe in order to reach my full potential, continuous growth and learning is a must. This is why I would like to take on new challenges in public health projects and research projects. I see myself after three years becoming a confident researcher of public health. I plan to have clearer picture of non- communicable diseases their burden, knowledge gaps, policy and implementation understanding with my compiled experience and learning of past years.

In conclusion I believe no matter how many years goes by as a public health professional I will need to constantly update myself, work on self- improvement with changing times. I am constantly working on being better version of myself. Working on my personal and professional self has made me better leader in ways I had never realized. I plan to keep growing professionally and personally to attain best version of myself and contribute to my family, community, country and globally to improve quality of lives.