I am Priyanka Sagiraju. I have completed Bachelors in pharmacy and want to pursue Masters in public health. I am currently working as an public health intern in FHTS. Ince wanted to become epidemiologist in the future. Hence, FHTS is providing me a great platform because it deals with real on-going events.

Highest Education: B. Pharm - Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

Date of Joining: September 27, 2022

Date Of Completion: March 22, 2023


I grew up in a place with a shortage of medical professionals. Not many people knew about allopathic medicines, which sometimes proved quite dangerous. I realised that there is an ardent need for someone with a pharmacy background. This was when I decided I wanted to do something related to public health, and I started my journey there. Hence, I chose to study pharmacy during my bachelor's at the university since the curriculum covered many topics, including the healthcare industry, public works, and even public policy. Furthermore, I was drawn to this program because of its emphasis on disease prevention rather than treatment and rehabilitation. I had the opportunity to understand how theories might be used in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention domains throughout the main courses, which concentrated on health administration and policy. At the same time, I took various biostatistics lessons, from which I analysed and reached findings using the scientific approach. Therefore, In the next one year I aim to pursue master's in Public health while exposing myself to an eclectic curriculum and availing myself of the state-of-the-art facilities seems to be the unique way to go about it. There I shall explore modules such as health service administration and epidemiology. In addition, I shall also intend to be a part of particular societies and clubs to share my knowledge and grow my network. I also wish to join certain groups and societies like education students' society to meet a diverse set of people. In the next three years I desire to start working as an epidemiologist in a hospital or other organisation after finishing my master's program me. I want to help with analysing the proper methods for treating patients and analysing them, as this would be an excellent method for me to get experience and polish my skills. As a result, I wish to return to my hometown and help the people there. I believe that with my help, we will be able to pool human resources and cut expenditures, making us much more effective and productive.