Raaga Likhitha Musunuri

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I am Dr. Raaga Likhitha. I have completed my dentistry from India, in December 2017. After completion of graduation, I have been in practice for a rough amount of three years, during which I have actively managed the clinic, organized and participated in multiple community welfare programs in rural and urban areas, for underprivileged, slum- children, actively participated in Swacch Bharat Abhiyan & WASH campaigns and health promotion. During this time, I have developed a keen interest in the strategic roadmap, innovation, and sustainability that go behind the healthcare practices and their advancement in this decade. After a couple of years of practice, I have identified multiple caveats in healthcare especially in the subcontinent perspective, and with a penchant for innovation and research, I plunged into the Fellowship at IIT, Hyderabad. This fellowship helps to identify unmet healthcare needs and identify cost-effective solutions for the same.
Collaboration with people from diversified backgrounds as a part of the fellowship program switched my thinking about healthcare needs. I realized that to solve healthcare needs not only to be limited to complex medical devices but the innovation of simple and affordable solutions, which can have a great impact upon society. My work in delivering low-cost therapeutic solutions for the management of postpartum hemorrhage directed me to learn about global healthcare systems and their delivery, including the problems prevailing in the underdeveloped areas for a long period. I often wondered how researchers worked upon addressing the healthcare needs of a specific population as a whole. Healthcare is increasingly digitized, so I’m mindful of access to public services for digitally excluded patients and the limited governance of new healthcare technologies.

Highest Education: BDS - NTRUHS

Date of Joining: October 21, 2021


One year from now, I see myself deep-diving into health policy and research to initiate better health care systems by equipping myself with proper training and skills to succeed in a healthcare organization.
At present, I aim to find a role at an organisation where I can develop and tackle new challenges over the course of time. Overall, I hope to advance to a stage where I can assume managerial duties. Above all, I want to work in an organization and expand my skill set through educating myself and seeking opportunities to have responsible career growth.
In the next three years, I clearly see myself expanding in terms of leadership skills, knowledge, exposure to challenges, and disruptive solutions. I envision myself working in developing leading and innovative medical strategies to solve complex management and business problems which will drive organizational capability.
Time and experience in the coming years will acquaint me with the desired leadership skills required to mentor the next generation of learning leaders which relates to my vision of developing others to develop oneself. Equipped with these qualities, and being placed under often stressful conditions I believe I would be an absolute fit to transform myself from a doctor and a thinker to drive institutional and societal change