My name is Raazia Haider. I am a 4th year Biotechnology major at Shiv Nadar University. I applied for this internship hoping to learn more about the field of Healthcare, and its various aspects. Healthcare is one of our basic needs and rights, and yet there are various people who are deprived of it. It should be our responsibility to help and work towards a future where all people are given the equal rights of something as basic as good health!

Highest Education: Senior Secondary - DELHI PUBLIC SHOOL, INDIRAPURAM

Date of Joining: October 1, 2022

Date Of Completion: January 1, 2023


To be very frank, I don’t know where I see myself in the coming years. Though I am pretty sure of where I want to be, I know that there will be a lot of hard work and determination required to do so. Currently, I am in my last year of BSc. Biotechnology, and after that I wish to pursue a masters degree in the field of Public Health. I want to do so, because primarily, I want to do something that benefits the community directly, and also because I have keen interest in knowing how the healthcare system actually works. Different places have different policies related to healthcare, and being well-versed in those is one of my major goals for the next few years.

Working for the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION is my dream. But before that, I want to work in different countries, get in touch with there contrasting traditions and the way they consider health. Meeting new people is something that I love, and being in a job, where my work is to stay connected to the people is my ideal comfort zone.

I know that I will still be studying for the next two years, but I want to do more and more work and gain as much experience as I can, so that by the time I finish my education, I am actually ready to take on the world and make a path for the people, just like it was made for me. I want to be able to help the world in every way, and in every point of my career.