I am Dr. Ridhima Kataria currently pursuing masters in Healthcare Management and Research from IIHMR Delhi. I am a BDS graduate from ITS DENTAL COLLEGE and complete my graduation in 2021. I have worked as a full-time Doctor intern at ITS DENTAL COLLEGE from 2020-2021. I have also interned with CUREYA as an R&D intern for 1 month. I am elated to be selected as a Public Health Intern at FHTS.

Highest Education: BDS - ITS Dental College

Date of Joining: October 10, 2021


I am certain that the coming 1-3 years will be productive for me. Working in an esteemed organization with a positive work environment can be rewarding. I can picture myself growing to the position I am working on.
Next 1 years
I want to work on my skills, and knowledge and develop leadership qualities to construct a strong foundation for my career in the long run. My interest is in global healthcare and I want to be a part of the top healthcare organization in the world so that I can put my foot forward in advancing healthcare. I want to work in international/national public and global health organizations where I can polish my skills, gain knowledge, and have practical experience in the healthcare sector. I also aspire to work in the government sector closely dealing with critical health issues and exploring targeted interventions and innovations working on the path to strengthen the roots of the healthcare system in India.
The next 3 years
I see myself opening up my own research/consultancy firm and doing quality work in the field of healthcare and research for India and the world. I see myself doing quality work and am determined to get a research paper published by the end of this year. I wish to work rigorously to advance my knowledge, have the proper skill set and build excellent leadership qualities which will be the roots and foundation of my future firm. My main area of focus is research and I want to give my best in the field of research and represent India globally. For that, I wish to work in prestigious organizations like FHTS and others to shape my knowledge in the field of public health and the basic healthcare system of India. I am sure that this organization can help me achieve the target. Every element of my goal can be constructed within the walls of this organization.


My internship with FHTS has been an extremely rewarding experience. Spending 3 months under the guidance of people who want to share their knowledge of the environment with you and help you become better is invaluable. I have learned about different possible career paths I can take, and what it will take to get there. Most of all, I’ll leave this internship with a deep appreciation for the environment of FHTS and the hard work people have put into protecting and maintaining it. Instead of being anxious about entering the workforce, I’m excited for the different things I’ll be able to do and the passionate people I’ll meet.