Ritika Kaur

2021-02-22T11:31:26+05:30May 7th, 2020|

Research Associate

Dr. Ritika Kaur is currently a Research Associate at FHTS in collaboration with PMCHRI. She is a hard-working public health enthusiast with a ‘can do’ attitude. She has an insatiable quest for the field of public health, and dreams to act as a change catalyst to bring about a positive and a sustainable path towards human health. She brings an overall experience of 4+ years in the field of public health, dentistry, and clinical trials. She holds an MPH degree with a specialization in leadership & management from the University of Sheffield, UK, where she was trained to draw on knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines to help define, critically assess and resolve a broad spectrum of public health problems and issues that she might face during her professional career. She also holds a BDS degree from BFUHS, where she became experienced in engaging with people of varying ages and health problems.

Rigorous clinical training, clinical research, organizing dental health camps and teaching dental students has given her a confident outlook towards the subject and improved her professional grip over the ailments.  Apart from this, she believe in the motto of consistent learning and development, interested in the fields of public health informatics, NCDs, nutrition, cancers, oral health, infectious diseases, development, gender and health equality, maternal and child health, healthcare and health system strengthening, policy-making etc. Her hobbies are traveling and studying foreign history, culture and languages, research and analysis for evidence synthesis, contribute to health policy formulation, participating in international and national dental and public health conferences, and volunteering in communities to assist underprivileged population.

Highest Education: Master of Public Health (Management & Leadership) - School of Health and Related Research, The University of Sheffield Sheffield, UK

Date of Joining: May 4, 2020