Sakshi Madan

2021-01-02T06:36:24+05:30October 8th, 2020|


I am Dr. Sakshi Madan an Ayush Graduate (BHMS) and an aspiring Public Health Professional with Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management. I always wanted to make my career in health sciences. While doing my internship I noticed that most people are unaware of the various health benefits extended by the government to them. During this period I realize that public health is one such discipline by which one can spread awareness about various health policies among masses. Also, it is a field which links different sectors together which, in turn, will help in improving the health status of the community which is one of the step towards the sustainable life.
I have 3 months of experience of working with PHFI, under NACO-TSU project as a part of my course, which has helped in understanding the working of NACP and also I got a chance develop new skills and brush up my previous skills of data analysis and interpretation. I have also worked in a hospital and PHC for 1 year as a part of my graduation, while working there I got experience of patient management, diagnosis and treatment.
I am a dedicated, hardworking and a quick learner. I presume that this internship will give me an opportunity to explore new areas of public health, which will enhance my understanding on those subjects, which in turn will contribute positively in building my career.

Highest Education: Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery - Delhi University

Date of Joining: October 1, 2020


I have been with FHTS for a very short period of time, due to which I didn’t get that much exposure. But even in such a limited time the tasks which were assigned to me by FHTS has helped me to polish my PowerPoint presentation and my verbal presentation skills. Here I also worked on my literature search skills through various databases for the tasks that were assigned to me. It was a good experience.