I am Saranya CM, pursuing post graduate in Public Health (HEALTH MANAGEMENT) at SRM school of public health, kattankulathur.
I have completed my under graduation in Bsc. Biotechnology As my experience I will be able to handle project or task in the field of public health (health management); with the supportive knowledge I will able to handle ways to improve health care, strengthening and addressing for further better outcome among various health care organisations.
I have experience in investing health trends and analysing public health information while preparing reports and designing health education program for the public through our university wellness program I have excellent communication and data analysing skills.
1 will be grateful to have an opportunity for internship program to explore knowledge, gain more skill and improving the quality of the organization.

Highest Education: B Sc. - SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Date of Joining: February 15, 2023

Date Of Completion: June 5, 2023


I am Saranya CM, who graduated as a Biotechnologist and is currently pursuing MPH from SRM Institute of science and technology. I am very interested in public health management and coming up with creative ideas and solutions for a wide range of public health problems. With this internship, I hope to expand my experience and skill sets because personality development depends on lifelong learning.
With the abilities and knowledge I gained from the internship program, I am certain that I can tackle some difficult challenges and gain competence in the industry in the coming year. Should I be fortunate enough to be hired, I intend to stay for the long term because this position is a
chance for me to learn more and receive training.
I want to have advanced professionally and continued to be a solid, reliable, and encouraging team player in five years. Hopefully, with my development, hard work, and dedication, I can work with WHO, UNICEF, and ICMR.