Saravanavel Kalpana Revathi

2020-07-07T18:45:09+05:30June 6th, 2020|


Hi, I am S.K.Revathi and I am currently pursuing my MPH(1st year) from Manipal University. I am from Chennai. I am an avid reader, and I am passionate towards Research, as a student with background in Biotechnology I have had experience in Research projects, But I want to increase my knowledge about research in the field of Public Health student.

By pursuing the internship , I hope to further strengthen my knowledge in Public Health.

Highest Education: B.Tech Biotechnology - SRM Institute of Science And Technology

Date of Joining: June 1, 2020


My overall experience with FHTS was pleasant, it was an enriching learning experience. Where I got an in-depth knowledge of public health systems of various countries and how they are tackling with COVID-19. I also learnt about SMART RapidTracker and how to utilize it analyze this ongoing pandemic not in terms of just number, but also with regards to policy interventions. My internship has improved my perspective in Public Health.