I am Shruti Bhandari, completed BSc. in nursing in 2017 and then a Master’s in Public Health in 2021. Further want to pursue a career in public health and got the great opportunity to have an internship with FHTS. Public health is a very wide subject and interesting as well. It has many options like scientific writing, epidemiology, and research. And I am very interested to get to know much more in this field and broadening my knowledge.

Highest Education: MPH - Shri Dev Suman University

Date of Joining: December 1, 2022

Date Of Completion: February 28, 2023


I have always been passionate about my career and have always been interested in public health. Since beginning I believe that words have the greatest power and writing in science can be my future. With this thing in my mind I completed my course of Master's in Public health and got the golden opportunity to have my first internship with FHTS. Under the guidance and support of the honorable team members of the FHTS, I will give my best outcome to bring out the best skills within me and will develop my knowledge. With the experience and knowledge, I expect from myself to gain the skills for writing in science.

Within a year I would like to develop strong technical skills and gradually enhance my open mindedness for better productivity of the project I would be working for. My main focus is to improve my writing skills and learn how to manage work projects.

With another year I would like to have the opportunity to be employed in an organization where career growth and challenging work are common occurrences, providing me with the opportunity to utilize my skills that I have gained during the year. At least one or two year, to expand my knowledge through training and educational opportunities to support my job.

I'd love to participate in at least one project geared toward leadership training, if the opportunity arises. I also understand that the organization has a strong volunteer team, and I'd like to be an active participant of that team, as well.

At some point, I'd also like to be considered for a supervisory or management level role.