Having completed Bachelors of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery, and being awarded “A” Grade in Short Term Studentship in Homoeopathy (STSH) by Central Research for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) for conducting a research on the title “Effectiveness of Homoeopathic remedy selection based on characteristic modalities in acute clinical conditions”, I was curious and interested to learn more about research. I was also interested in public health and social work related activities and had an opportunity to participate in Swachh Bharat Summer Internship Programme by adopting a village in Tamilnadu and transforming it into a healthy and hygienic place to live. All these activities made me interested in public health. To cater to my curiosity and enhance my skills in finer aspects of research, epidemiology and biostatistics, I joined Master of Public Health in JIPMER International School of Public Health, Puducherry. My area of interest in research work is Mental health related topics, especially about Child and Adolescent mental health. My dissertation topic during my PG was “Development of a training manual for capacity building of school teachers in early identification of drug addiction and drug demand reduction among school students in Puducherry – A mixed method study”. My journey in public health is to improve the lives of the people both mentally and physically and to work for the betterment of the society.

Highest Education: Dr. MGR Medical University - BHMS

Date of Joining: July 1, 2022


How I see myself in the next one year?

I am still figuring out many aspects in my life. One of my long term goals is working towards improving mental health of the people in our country especially children. I also have a plan to do courses in psychology/psychiatry in near future. With all these skills, I hope I will be well trained to achieve my goals. One or two years does not matter to me because I want to see myself growing, developing new skills even two days from now.

How I see myself in the next three years?

It is quite difficult for me to foresee what is coming. But in the upcoming three years, I want to test myself. I have set up targets which can bring out the best of me. I am sure the years will be mutually progressive for me and the organization where I will be working. Three years from now, I see myself as a growing public health professional working towards improving lives of people and for the betterment of the country in every possible way. And I would still be trying to learn new things with ever ending thirst for knowledge. I also see myself in a library reading a book using my past time where I can learn more things, in short, I see myself living the dream that I set on my mind, becoming a simple and respected person in the society.