Sinjini Das

2021-04-26T16:48:11+05:30April 26th, 2021|


I have completed my B.Tech Biotechnology course at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. I’m currently working in a Data Analytics firm as a Research Intern. My rigorous academic workload has given me excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. My key interests lie in Healthcare management, Molecular Biology, and Bio-business. I have developed a good grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of these subjects. I am interested in learning the art and science of Public Health to formulate better Policy and sustainable public health system for the world & India.

Highest Education: B.Tech Biotechnology - Vellore Institute of Technology

Date of Joining: December 14, 2020


In a developing country like India, healthcare management has to be improved to a great extent. The recent times hit by COVID have shown us that our health systems need to be changed. This has motivated me to pursue a career in healthcare management. I have dedicated the next one year to study and gain in-depth knowledge in public health management. I see myself in the next one year as a public health professional who has gained adequate theoretical as well as practical knowledge, ready to contribute to the field of healthcare. My goal in the next one year is to first graduate and then find a position in an organization to grow and take new challenges.

Being a determined person, I always strive to be a better version of myself each year. As a dentist, I moved up my career path from being an Assistant Dentist to Clinical Head. In my new venture as a public health professional and in the next three years, I wish to gain knowledge through the experiences, opportunities, and challenges as I move up this professional path. I want to have learned and taken up increased responsibilities. In the next three years, I see myself as an extraordinary person in both personal and professional life. I see myself in a managerial position in any healthcare organization where I can learn and grow. Through my work in the field of healthcare, I want to see changes where quality health is being availed to all sectors of society.